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Re: Tyres to travel in australia
« Reply #10 on: February 11, 2019, 09:24:40 AM »
*Originally Posted by wywy [+]
Hello, It's my time to change my tyres :-)
I'm in australia riding all aroud it.
Mainly road with sometimes some gravel road. like 90/10.
I'm alone on the motorbikes but a have a top case, 2 saddle box, and a big bag.
I don't drive faster than 100km/h.

The motorshop where I am , has Pirelli Angel GT, Dunlop Roadsmart 3 or Michelin Pilots available.
160/60 17,
120/70 17
Any suggestion?


Tyres are a subject where bikers seem to never be short of opinions! 

FWIW, heres mine...

My favourite road tyre remains PR3.  Ive had several sets of PR4.  They last longer but they just dont have the grip of PR3.

Recently (on my GS) Ive had two sets of Metzler Road TEC 01s.  Theyre definitely (significantly) more grippy than the PR4, especially in the wet and seem to have at least the same life.  The GS came with Anakee 3s.  They were alright but no more than that.

My RR CB500x came with Anakee Wilds.  They looked great but were absolutely awful on the road - nowhere near as good as TKC80s, if you like that style of tyre.  First time in my biking life, I took them off and threw them away.

Now on the RRCB Ive got TKC70s, which look reasonably sensible (quite chunky) and seem absolutely fine on roads (dry or wet).  Theyve supposedly road-biassed but good for fire-trails etc.  Given the limited power of the CB, Ill go for them again.

Good luck with the choice - and remember (almost) any new tyre is better than (almost) any worn-out tyre - just dont go for the Anakee Wilds!


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Re: Tyres to travel in australia
« Reply #11 on: February 12, 2019, 06:29:47 AM »
As another price point, up here I paid $450 a pair fitted for my Road 5's in standard 120/70 & 160/60 sizes.


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