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DIY Givi pannier rack modification
« on: July 14, 2019, 02:31:52 AM »
Thought I'd post up my most recent farklings in case someone else is thinking along similar lines...
I've had a pair of old school Givi E 35 cases for a while and they've been excellent, but I also like the idea of throwovers for certain trips. Managed to get some new, unused Enduristan Monsoon 3s for a great price so started looking at making some bag supports. It made sense to fettle something up that would take cases or soft bags, so the obvious place to start was a standard monokey pannier rack. These are available for the X but having seen a few vids and pics they stick out too far for my liking, plus they're quite far back. As mentioned in another post, I never tour two-up so further forward and narrower was the plan.

Sourced some cheap used racks off Fleabay and set to work with the angle grinder to remove the original arms as I only needed the rectangular frames.

Next job was to make some triangular gusset plates for the top corners of each rectangle. These are from 3mm steel. I'm using the grab rail mounting points (with a Givi monorack already fitted).


With the frames offered up, it was then a case of deciding where to take off a supporting arm in relation to suitable mounting points. A few options are available but I went with the back pillion peg hanger bolt, as both 'arms could then be bent to the same profile. The chain oiler would also be less vulnerable. Using the hole behind the left pillion footpeg and the exhaust hanger would require a separate bend for each side.

To arrive at the right shape I used a piece of old hard brake line as it's easy to bend by hand.

This was the basic shape I settled on...

For lateral support between the racks I made a cross brace in much the same way, but thought I'd make use of the tailpiece subframe as an additional mounting point. This required installing a bolt from behind the subframe, plus a plate 'washer' and spacer. The plate washer is shaped to fit snugly behind the tailpiece subframe rails....there are a couple of tabs welded on to the rails already (for the splash trim bolts) but these struck me as a bit weedy for the job in hand.

plate washer fits behind the subframe rails...

and the bolt goes thru from behind the reflector so will be hidden once installed...

Once everything lined up, I enlisted the help of a local engineering company to create the bends from 16mm bright mild tube (2mm wall thickness)....there's no way on God's green earth I was going to try to bend that gauge tube with a pipe bender....I tried something similar for a campervan roof rack years ago and gave it up as a bad job!

The finished bends were seam welded and profiled to suit...I'm away next week so won't have time to get the racks powder coated so etch primer and a couple of coats of plastidip will do as a stop gap.

20mm spacers used to clear the footpeg hanger...

Tacked up before removal for a full stitch both sides of the arm to avoid a water trap

cross brace and bracket...the givi racks already had tangs :028:

Cases fitted...about an inch narrower than the barkbusters... :152:

and clear the indicators....Result!

Tip for anyone with Givi monokey pannier frames:

The locking catch is easily removed with an allen key by removing two M5 bolts....this means that some scrote can nick your cases even when 'locked' onto the frames...for the princely sum of 1.60 I've replaced all the allen bolts with A4 stainless security screws which are an arse to remove unless you have the right driver bit...


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Re: DIY Givi pannier rack modification
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2019, 09:52:14 AM »
Looks better that way and a lot sturdier.
Nice job!
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Re: DIY Givi pannier rack modification
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2019, 01:44:13 PM »
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Re: DIY Givi pannier rack modification
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2019, 02:09:38 PM »
Great work. The panniers look like they are factory integrated!
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Re: DIY Givi pannier rack modification
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