Author Topic: Wind\buffeting noise 2019 500x  (Read 5596 times)

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Re: Wind\buffeting noise 2019 500x
Reply #40 on: May 07, 2019, 12:42:50 AM
*Originally Posted by Jonathan [+]
a baffle may help on the X but the Falco is a sports bike with more rake on the screen and your riding position is less upright. Not ruling it out though....worth a try if it's an issue :084:

The main issue with the X screen is the distance between the rider and the screen together with the fact that the X has a small frontal area and a fairly upright screen angle. It's a recipe for turbulence.  If you flatten the screen angle (tilted towards the rider) you'll get more air flowing under the screen to counteract the air flowing over it, which equates to zero buffeting but more wind hitting the rider's torso.

If you get the rake just right, the wind will be clean and hit you in the sternum, which is much more bearable than when it's directed at chin level. You still need ear plugs but you should wear plugs regardless IMO...
True enough, the upright position makes it a harder problem to solve.
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