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2019 engine bars and level 2 suspension
on: June 16, 2019, 08:00:15 PM
I drove the 80 miles from my home this morning to get to Rally Raid for 0830. I met Liz on arrival and was offered a coffee to start the day. I went down to the workshop and John and Adam welcomed me and said I could stay and watch or take their GS310 out. I opted to watch and try and learn from them (I am a 69 year old mechanical idiot).
The engine guard was fitted first, the new design allowing fitment without the frame springing out of alignment with the engine mountings.
The bike was then lifted with a jack under the engine guard, forks removed and up rated internals fitted. One fork leg was a bit problematic, but John and Adam got it sorted, the other was more straightforward, but not a job for me to do. I was impressed with the care, time and patience to get the job done perfectly.
Forks back in and then the rear shock was fitted, a bit fiddly but patience and precision are how I would describe Adam and Johnís work.
A new longer and stronger side stand fitted, then all nuts and bolts checked, plastic panels refitted and time for a test ride.
I am vertically challenged (5í 6Ē) but the extra seat height is well manageable with balls of my feet on the ground using both feet, or flat if using one with a bit of a shuffle to the that side.
The level 2 suspension is a welcome improvement to the stock kit. Dropping off high curbs to do a bit of a test smoothed out the drop excellently. Road handling on the way home impressive. Looking forward to doing a mix of C roads and light green lanes.
Mine is the first 2019 bike after their prototype to be upgraded.
I canít recommend Rally Raid quality, fitting service and professionalism enough.
I have a scorpion exhaust on order, RR are sending that to me when stock arrives.
I also made a new friend, Rosie, John and Lizís lovely dog.
If you live close enough to Rally Raid and, like me are not the best of mechanics, book your bike in with them to have your upgrades fitted, you wonít regret it.

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Re: 2019 engine bars and level 2 suspension
Reply #1 on: June 16, 2019, 09:09:28 PM
hope you enjoy the new upgrades...think if I lived in Norfolk I'd be 'ugrading' to a Wherry :001: