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Re: Hepco & Becker Engine Bars
« Reply #10 on: July 26, 2019, 02:58:24 AM »
My 2016 'X has Hepco & Becker engine and tank protection bars. They've caused a few problems, but also protected the bike during a few stationary falls (ahem), so on balance they've been a worthwhile mod.

  • The left engine bar's flat mounting plate did need some love from an angle grinder to clear the gear change rod. Maybe that's from how I've adjusted the gear change? The grinding hasn't significantly weakened them.
  • The right hand engine bar broke due to vibration fatigue. The Australian importer checked with H&B who assured them that it's never happened before. I could have exchanged them but rather than argue with Germans (it didn't go well last time), I welded the crack up, added a strengthening fillet and had them re-powdercoated for $20.
  • Because the engine bars resonated, they broke both front engine-mount-to-frame bolts where they bolt on. Then they broke the 10.8 grade replacements, so I changed how they attach to the frame and motor.
  • The tank protection bars have a bad resonance at 6000rpm, which is about 115km/h in top. They actually blur. The easy solution is to avoid that speed! I'm worried that they'll eventually fatigue though, so may re-engineer the bar-to-chassis mounts to change their resonant frequency.
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