Author Topic: RRP Level 1 fork kit revalving  (Read 3488 times)

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Re: RRP Level 1 fork kit revalving
Reply #30 on: September 10, 2019, 04:40:59 PM
*Originally Posted by Jonathan [+]
It's great when you carry out work based on research and it works well! I'd suggest that since you've had good results with the front end and the tractive shock is a pretty good unit to start off with, playing around with the valving would be the way to go. Nitro's are excellent with adjustable compression and rebound damping but you're looking at a lot of money, compared to the price of a few shims and fresh oil. I've made the mistake in the past, when, because it was an expensive part, supplied by a reputable company, I've assumed it must be correct, even though it plainly wasn't. sometimes it's better to trust your own judgement....
Hi Jonathan! I should recognize that it was really exciting challenge - I learned a lot of usefull things while worked on my fork tuning. Unfortunately rear shock tuning is way too difficult to accomplish by myself - I need a specific nitrogen charge equipment, special spring compression tools, specific C wrench for shock disassembly. And in addition is tooks me about 30 minutes only to remove the shock from the bike. For comparison - 30 minutes is the time I spent to change the entire shim stacking of my fork valves.

And besides all of this problems - rear shock will requieres to match its compression and rebound characteristics, while the fork only need to modify its compression damping (since rebound was OK). And even so it tooks me 7-8 iterations and a total amount of 4000 km done with them (don't remember the exact numbers) to find the correct setup (and a lot of specialized books and postdoc thesis I have to read meanwhile). Messing with my rear shock relying on my own know how would be a nightmare :087: Too time consuming and without guarantee of good result.

So there are two options - to revalve my rear shock in any reputed tuning workshop here in Spain or to buy a finished plug-and-play product. And Nitron seems to be the most troublefree choice - they made a custom shocks adjusted to your weight, ride style, etc. It couldn't fail XDD



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Re: RRP Level 1 fork kit revalving
Reply #31 on: September 10, 2019, 05:52:49 PM
fair point. I was thinking more in terms of you speaking to a shock specialist and telling them what you have done with the forks and asking them to re-valve the shock to match. If you plan to keep the bike for a while than I'd still be tempted to rework the Tractive as necessary and if you're still not happy after a few 000Ks think about a custom Nitron or'll have a much better idea of what you require by then
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