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Re: Recommended Rally-Raid [professional] fitting locations/workshops
Reply #10 on: December 27, 2019, 06:17:52 PM
I live in San Francisco, CA.  With no garage or driveway, I only have street parking.  The CBX is my only vehicle.  Even if I had wanted to (I didn't) or had the tools (I don't), there was no easy/convenient way for me to install the Level 2 kit myself.  There is Moto Guild (A do-it-yourself motorcycle repair shop - my first time there was the recent Mosko Meetup - was nice seeing another kitted out (Jenny's) CBX in the lot) where I may have been able to knock out the install, with help, in a day or a long weekend, but that brings my preference of "easy/convenient" into play (travel to/from Treasure Island, transport of new/old parts to/from, etc).

After a little looking around, I was referred to Super Plush Suspension.  As far as I know, I was their first CBX/RR kit.  They said they'd do it, gave me a quote, and I went for it.

Super Plush Suspension
1285 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA, USA 94103
Service: (650) 495-9256

Full Level 2 install
~7 hours labor (SF moto labor runs $110-140/hr)
~$900 before tax
*on top of the $900, I also paid to have new oil/dust seals installed on the forks and replace the steering head bearings with All Balls
*they don't do tires, so I had my favorite shop (Tokyo Moto) put E-07 Dakars on the RR wheels before I dropped them off at Super Plush

They had the bike for 2 business days.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the work, and absolutely love the "new" CBX.
Rally Raid: Level 2, Engine guard / bash plate, Rear rack, Wide pegs, Rear brake reservoir guard, ABS switch, Radiator screen, kickstand shoe. Barkbuster/Storm. Palmer windshield adjuster w/ accessory bar. Savage steering damper, levers. Mosko Reckless 80, Nomad. 50W 3" spot/flood pods. Coffman's Shorty.