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Re: Cb500x Upgrade
« Reply #10 on: February 11, 2020, 08:36:45 PM »
*Originally Posted by dudu [+]
Thank you man! Yeah it was one I considered before but I really miss the ground clearance of a dirtbike (sometimes I ride up sidewalks- yeah not good I know i know..) and it's like half an inch taller than my cb..

Thanks for your input though, I also just realized that the tenere has fairly high compression- not concerned about the longevity of the engine- it seems like all everyone can do is sing praises about this bike's engine, but I am more concerned if I get stranded somewhere I can't get 95 fuel... the cb and africa twin don't have this problem!

Looks like I might have to skip out on the t700 and africa twin afterall! The africa twin 850 is on the roadmap for next year though...

Gotcha on the ground clearance.  Another option there is to purchase the full Rally Raid kit and raise your current CB500X up a couple inches, and it gets you the 19" front wheel too.  Perfect for the urban jungle, and off-roading.

You and probably a few hundred thousand others (including me) are waiting impatiently for that mid-size Africa Twin.  It's one of the reasons I'm hesitating to purchase a CB500X.  But I will likely go with the CBX, just because I have a hunch the mid-size AT will be too tall for me, and Honda does not have a good track record for offering optional lower seat heights/suspensions (like BMW does). But if they could keep the weight down, and offer an optional low suspension kit, along with many of the neat features found on the AT, that would likely be a "lifer" bike for me and I would definitely stretch my budget to buy one.


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